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Virtual Assistant Setup:

Once you have been working for a while at finding and researching products to sell in your store, you will figure out that it is very tedious and time consuming to search for profitable products.  What if you could hire someone else to do the tedious work for you and still make a profit.  Or you just want to ramp up your business and need help doing that.  Having a Virtual Assistant is the best way to do this.  

In this document and training materials I will show you how to have your assistant work for you.   Below is a link where you can recruit from and hire Virtual Assistants.  VA’s can be hired for around $2.50 per hour and they will work for as many hours per day as you would like.  We recommend you have them start at about 5 hours per day and 5 days per week.  Adjustments can be made to hours and pay if needed at a later date. You of course can hire multiple assistants if you feel the need also. 

  1.– This website features Freelancers who will do many different jobs for very little money.  Again you advertise for a Virtual Assistant to look for products for 5 hours per day at approx $2.50 per hour.  There is a monthly fee of $69 for using the website.  
    1. In order to make sure that your VA is working the time you are paying them for, you will do the following.  Go to the following link called Timeproof and follow the instructions on how to have your VA download and install the time clock for them to use when working.  This will give you accurate time they worked and screenshots of what they were doing while working.
    2. After you have hired and determined that your VA is going to be a good employee, you can cancel your membership to and pay them directly through Paypal.  This will save you the $69 per month.  You will still be able to use the time clock even if you are not paying the monthly fee.
  2. – This website features Freelancers who will do many different jobs for very little money.  Again you advertise for a Virtual Assistant to look for products for 5 hours per day at approx $2.50 per hour.  There is no monthly fee to hire employees.  Employees are paid through the website using either a credit card or Paypal.  The students will use a time sheet within the website to post their time worked.  You as the employer will then check and approve the timesheets for payment once per week.

Below is a sample of an advertisement on either of these websites to hire a VA.

We are looking for a $2.50 per hour employee that can watch training videos and Google presentations on how to use the software and extensions we have in place for our business in order to search through websites 5 hours a day looking for products that meet our buying criteria. We would prefer someone knowledgeable on the Amazon marketplace and would be able to research products that can be bought and sold on Amazon. We are looking for someone that is computer capable and can navigate through websites and software that you’ll be fully trained on. We expect results at the end of every day from the software you will have access to. Below is a list of skills that will be needed to perform the job duties.

  1. Computer literate
  2. Internet Savvy
  3. Google Office Products
  4. Amazon Marketplace
  5. Amazon Seller Central

Create an email then to the new employee with the following text:  Make sure you provide the Key and username and password.

Welcome to “Business Name”.  Below is a link to the starting documents along with the training materials.  Please click on the link and begin your training.  In the training you will be installing some software.  They will require keys and a username and password.  They are as follows:

AA Systems Key:

Jungles Scout Username:


Click here to get started

Thank you:

Email Address

In order to review the training, you can click on the “Click here to get started” link above in the email section.  It will walk you through the training.

Below is a button link.  Click on it and you will find the information you will be sharing with your assistant.  In it is a spreadsheet and a folder with the ecommerce website links for several major retailers.  Instructions are included on the spreadsheet as to what to do with it.  After following the instructions on the spreadsheet, share your copy of the spreadsheet with the VA along with the retailers folder.

If you find that you need to provide more training, you can use Google presentations to create slideshows of what you want to teach.  If you would like to do a video of a screen share, go to a website called and install it on Chrome.  This will allow you to record your screen and voice to create videos for training purposes.  You can easily upload these videos to youtube and share them with your assistant.  

Your assistant will require limited access to your Seller Central account so that they can check for restrictions on selling products and to be able to list the product as FBA.  A training presentation has been created for you to learn how to do this.  Here is a link to that presentation.  

You should be communicating with your VA on a regular basis letting them know how they are doing.  Most of this can be done via email, but I would recommend having a web camera and communicating with them using Google Video Hangouts or Skype on a Weekly or Bi-weekly basis to make sure they understand everything and are informed of updates to what you are looking for.  

Once you have hired and trained your VA to most of the tedious work, you can begin to work harder on working with Wholesalers and becoming a retailer for them.  You also can work on finding White Label products you can order out of China for sale on Amazon.  At some point you may want to have your Virtual Assistant do some of the work for you on these subjects also.  Or you can hire another assistant.  

Virtual Assistant Material